Обновление для Moonlighter уже доступно 97

Обновление для Moonlighter уже доступно

Moonlighter – игра в жанре action-RPG с элементами rogue-lite, главный герой которой – Уилл – отважный торговец, втайне мечтающий стать героем.

Разработчики из Digital Sun объявили, что для Moonlighter стало доступно обновление с новым контентом. Кроме того, было исправлено множество ошибок.

Обновление :

  • Ограниченное по времени внутриигровое событие приуроченное, к зимним праздникам

Примечание: пиратское оружие, и амулеты являются эксклюзивными для режима NG +!

General fixes:

– Updated and improved translations
– Credits screen no longer gets corrupted upon skipping
– Controls are now displayed correctly on the tutorial scrolls and HUD buttons
– In-game UI no longer can be displayed in Main Menu
– Fixed issue where it was not possible to switch tabs in the inventory and Notebook after using Merchant Emblem.
– Icons of held items are now properly refreshing in inventory GUI

Dungeon Fixes:

– Big red slime should no longer push character through walls
– Fixed “fake floor” in some specific rooms
– No longer possible to access inventory during Forest Boss fight
– Fixed opening animation of Forest dungeon doors
– Helmets no longer pierce through slimes
– Fixed issue where Hot springs did not stop glowing when they were inactive
– No longer possible to interact with empty slots at the Blacksmith
– Fixed infinite loading screen upon returning to Forest Dungeon via theportal
– Bard puppet can no longer make other enemies invulnerable to damage
– Merchant Mirror now gives a correct amount of money
– All icons are now properly displayed on Map
– No longer possible to get randomly teleported to a boss room
– Fixed issue where some Golden chests could not be opened upon re-entering rooms
– No longer possible to exploit healing potions placed in dungeon chests
– Fruit Turrets are no longer stuck in place when standing in a puddle
– No longer possible to sell items while standing in hot springs
 Wind Tree Sprout enemy now behaves correctly when re-entering the room
– No longer possible to access inventory during Enemy Waves room challenge

Shop fixes:

– Prices are now displaying correctly on the sales summary screen
– Helper dialogue can now be skipped with interaction button
– No longer possible to skip shop tutorials