Enter the Gungeon получила обновление 2.1.4 91

Enter the Gungeon получила обновление 2.1.4

Последнее обновление для Enter the Gungeon для Nintendo Switch стало доступно для загрузки. Полный патчноут в оригинале находится ниже, из основного, стоит отметить многочисленные исправления в области звука, предметов, противников и боссов.

  • (Consoles) Fixed a crash during the DraGun’s death
  • (Consoles) Fixed a crash caused by being eaten by the Tarnisher
  • Fixed an exception caused by pedestal mimics in Rainbow Runs (could cause bullets to hang in the air)
  • Fixed an exception caused by dropping the Rat Boots
  • Fixed a possible softlock during boss intros
  • Fixed the hitbox on the alternate art Blasphemy
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t leave the new secret floor while holding an item that grants flight
  • The new characters can now use the legendary hero shrine for cursed runs
  • Fixed several issues with Duct Tape
  • Fixed some issues with the broken state of the Glass Cannon
  • Fixed an issue with the Bait Launcher’s tigers failing to track targets
  • Fixed an issue with the combination of Clone and Super Hot Watch
  • Fixed and issue where the Magazine rack could adjust ammo incorrectly
  • Damage numbers from the Scouter no longer show up on the pause screen
  • Fixed some synergy interactions with the [REDACTED] character
  • Fixed visual depth issues with pushed tables
  • Fixed another duplicate Ammonomicon entry
  • Fixed an issue with minibosses music